Thank you, from the Wilmot Terry Fox Run

By Nigel and Cheryl Gordijk.

There are so many people we need to thank for making the 2015 Wilmot Terry Fox Run such an extraordinary success. The list is ridiculously long.

Thank you, Wilmot. You are amazing.

In no particular order...

To Chris Spotswood and Bryce Shantz at ABsolute Fitness & Personal Training, who came up with some great ideas for helping us with fundraising. The gym entered two teams who competed to see which could raise the most money. Bryce also volunteered on run day, and fellow trainer Liliana Domniguez led a Zumba warm-up before the runners set off.

To New Hamburg's Sobeys for supplying refreshments at a greatly reduced cost (water, ice, fresh fruit and granola bars). ABsolute Fitness has offered to pick up the tab.

To the New Hamburg Independent, Baden Outlook and Stonecroft Shopping Guide for donating free advertising space.

Also, the Indy's Scott Cressman and Lisa Hagen, who always manage to find a fresh angle with their reporting of our event every year. This year's piece was particularly good, based around an interview with New Hamburg resident and cancer survivor, Jim Dwyer: Lisa also took photos on the day:

To Sheila Walker, owner of New Hamburg Home Hardware, for offering to fly the official Terry Fox flag from the roof of her store, and also picking up the tab for buying the flag. Every time I look up at the flag, I have a huge smile on my face.

To Christine Crosby at Grand magazine for including information and links to our event on its website.

To Josslin Insurance for lending us a tent so we could set up an information booth in Scott Park on Canada Day.

To the people who stopped by to chat about their memories of Terry Fox, their own experiences fighting cancer, or missing loved ones.

To the generous folks who have donated to our Toonies For Terry jar on Canada Day.

To the Moparfest Cruise Night visitors - many from out of town - who also donated. Some ignored the label *Toonies* For Terry and stuffed bills in the jar.

To Spencer Hammond of the Wilmot Agricultural Society/Fall Fair, who gave us free space to promote the run.

To those who donated at the New Hamburg Fall Fair.

To the individuals, businesses, communities and sports organizations who shared or retweeted social media posts about the ‪#‎WilmotTerryFoxRun‬.

To Michael Harris MPP who came to show his support once again, and this time shared news from Queens Park that the second Sunday after Labour Day is now officially Terry Fox Day in Ontario. Michael also gave us a scroll to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Terry's Marathon of Hope.

To Harold Albrecht and his wife, Darlene, for supporting and encouraging our participants this and previous years.

To Waterloo Regional Police Chief Bryan Larkin for joining us, with his running shoes!

To the local churches that offered to share details of the event with their congregations.

To the Township of Wilmot for waiving the registration fee for using Scott Park as our run site, and also for listening to our presentation at the July 20 council meeting. .

To New Hamburg councillor Jeff Gerber for reminding people about the run a few days earlier during another televised meeting.

Also, to Manny Jones at the Township for making sure I submitted the correct paperwork for the run. I had everything prepared, but had forgotten to send the forms to her. Thankfully, Manny was alert and gave a gentle prod to remind me!

To the Stonecroft Community Choir who led us singing O Canada.

To the numerous people who contacted us to volunteer and help out. At a time when several local events are worried about finding enough people to step forward, we had the problem of finding enough for volunteers to do! Thanks to Rob Feick, Jenny Hallahan, Alex Hallahan, Madisyn Garrity, Neil Coady, Ray Lavoie, Cyndee Lavoie, Blythe Mackie, Paul Mackie, Lindsay Holden, Bryce Shantz and Liliana Dominguez for being there when we needed them.

And, of course, the record-breaking number of participants who worked so hard to get donations, and to everyone who gave so generously. Your compassion, dedication, and selflessness will make such a difference in so many peoples' lives.

Thank you all.