TCP production donates proceeds to Wilmot Terry Fox Run

Some winners gave back the prize money, doubling the donation at the shows

TCP President Aaron Fewkes with Wilmot Terry Fox Run co-organizer Nigel Gordijk. The donation total shown on the presentation cheque doesn’t include $267 that Calendar Girls audience members left on the set as they left the final performance. Photo: TCP

The Community Players of New Hamburg’s production of Calendar Girls closed its sold-out run at the Studio Theatre with an emotional finale. The play, which is based on a true story, features characters dealing with cancer, so TCP decided to donate all proceeds from its 50/50 ticket sales to the Wilmot Terry Fox Run.

That money would typically contribute to the theatre company’s operating costs, but, for the first time, TCP decided to pass on its take to another non-profit. TCP’s President Aaron Fewkes said, “We love supporting local, and it was important to us to support the Wilmot Terry Fox Run’s grass roots efforts. Our leadership team thought it would be a good fit.”

Calendar Girls had eight performances over two weeks, ending on Saturday, November 16. Volunteers from TCP, WTFR and the community at large sold 50/50 tickets to audience members as they arrived and during the intermission.

Some winners, including former Wilmot Mayor Wayne Roth, gave back the prize money, doubling the donation at those shows.

After being picked as the winner during the intermission of the final performance, Waterloo’s Tim Scott announced he was donating his $214. He also challenged other audience members to leave a toonie on the table of the play’s set as they left the theatre. That impromptu donation added $267 to TCP’s $2,400 Calendar Girls total.

Wilmot Terry Fox Run co-organizer Nigel Gordijk said, “We’re so grateful for the incredible support we’ve received from The Community Players over the past couple of weeks. They’ve been gracious hosts and their volunteers bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. It wasn’t until Sunday morning that we realized TCP doesn’t usually give away its 50/50 funds. That makes this gesture even more significant.”

Gordijk added, “TCP’s motto is ‘Community theatre at its very best.’ I think this is a great example of community at its very best.”